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Is there a particular consultant you would like to see? You can find out more about each consultant by clicking on their name. The information shows each consultant’s areas of expertise and the hospitals where they provide clinics.

You are also very welcome to contact us, discuss your needs and we will advise you on the best person to see. Our consultants and nurses work as a team; you may see several people and you are welcome to see different clinicians to seek a second opinion.

  • Mr John Parkin
  • Mr Mohammed Belal
  • Maya Harris
  • Dr Ahmed El-Modir
  • Dr Dan Ford
  • Dr Jonathan Freedman
  • Dr Ian McCafferty
  • Nula Allen
  • Mary Kirkham
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    We provide services at a variety of high quality private hospitals in Birmingham, Solihull, Sutton Coldfield, Leamington Spa and Halesowen. Please see further information on each of the locations where we provide services and the consultants based at each hospital.

    BPC at BMI The Priory
    BMI The Priory
    BPC at The West Midlands Hospital
    The West Midlands Hospital
    BPC at The Spire Parkway Hospital
    Spire Parkway
    BPC at The Spire Little Aston Hospital
    Sutton Coldfield
    Spire Little Aston
    BPC at Nuffield Health Warwickshire in Leamington Spa
    Leamington Spa
    Nuffield Health Warwickshire