Our Team

Mr Alan Doherty

(Clinical Director)
Mr Alan Doherty is one of the UK’s most renowned prostate cancer specialists. He has completed one of the largest caseloads of prostatectomies in the UK, undertaking more than 3,000 operations. H ... Read More
  • Prostate diagnosis and PSA
  • General urology and GreenLight laser for BPH
  • Prostate Cancer Treatment

Mr John Parkin

(Consultant Urologist)
Prostate specialist Mr John Parkin graduated from St Mary’s Hospital Medical School in 1994, then undertook surgical training in Scarborough, Bristol and New Zealand. This was followed by six yea ... Read More
  • Prostate Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment
  • General Urology
  • Ureteroscopy

Mr Mohammed Belal

(Consultant Urologist)
Mr Mohammed Belal was educated at King Edward’s School, Edgbaston, Birmingham, followed by a degree in medicine at Cambridge University. His surgical training took place at several nationally ren ... Read More
  • Treatment of incontinence
  • Bladder pain and Complex Reconstructive Bladder Surgery

Maya Harris

(Consultant Urologist)
Maya Harris studied at the Medical Academy of Latvia and University of Edinburgh, then worked and trained in hospitals in the north of England, including the renowned The Christie Hospital in Manchest ... Read More
  • Recurrent Urinary Tract Infections
  • UroLift
  • Prostate Cancer Diagnosis

Dr Ahmed El-Modir

(Consultant Oncologist)
Dr Ahmed El-Modir completed his training in oncology in the West Midlands and was appointed as a consultant oncologist at University Hospital Birmingham in 2003. He is an honorary senior lecturer w ... Read More
  • External Beam Radiotherapy
  • Chemotherapy for Urological Cancers
  • Prostate Brachytherapy

Dr Dan Ford

(Consultant Oncologist)
Dr Dan Ford is a Clinical Oncologist specialising in prostate, bladder and kidney cancers. He is Clinical Service Lead for oncology at University Hospital Birmingham, the major regional referral servi ... Read More
  • Radiotherapy including SABR, prostate brachytherapy and external beam
  • Chemotherapy and other treatments for urological cancers

Dr Jonathan Freedman

(Consultant Interventional Radiologist)
Dr Jonathan Freedman is a consultant interventional radiologist at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, the regional referral centre for urology for the West Midlands. A major focus of his work is the use of ... Read More
  • Multi-parametric MRI scans
  • Interventional uroradiology
  • Penile ultrasound

Dr Ian McCafferty

(Consultant Radiologist)
Prostate radiology specialist Dr Ian McCafferty graduated from University College Hospital London in 1989, gained his MRCP and completed his postgraduate training in the West Midlands. He is a Fell ... Read More
  • Interventional Oncology and Radiology
  • Urogenital Radiology
  • New Imaging Techniques

Nula Allen

(Advanced Nurse Practitioner)
Nula Allen is a highly experienced specialist nurse who has worked for the Birmingham Prostate Clinic since it was first established, ten years ago. Nula is recognised as one of the leading nurses in ... Read More
  • Prostate Cancer
  • Nurse-led Clinics
  • Patient Support

Mary Kirkham

(Advanced Nurse Practitioner)
Mary Kirkham is a highly experienced and nationally recognised specialist who has joined BPC as an Advanced Nurse Practitioner. Mary qualified as a nurse 42 years ago, has specialised in urology fo ... Read More
  • Prostate Cancer
  • Nurse-led Clinics
  • Patient Support

Consultants' Blog

The ever-changing horizon of prostate cancer assessment: charting a personalised course.
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Is it time to consider PSMA PET scans in first line prostate cancer diagnostics?
By Alan Doherty, Consultant Urologist, the Birmingham Prostate Clinic The PSMA PET scan is now very widely accepted as a game changer in the management of recurring prostate cancer. At the Birmingh ... Read More
Prostate cancer in a Covid world
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The PSA is not a ‘bad’ test: it is a good test, properly used.
By Alan Doherty, consultant urologist, the Birmingham Prostate Clinic Something I consistently hear from both patients and GPs is the notion that the PSA test is a ‘bad’ test. I understand the ... Read More
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